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God's Harry Harlow and I was fucked with wire mesh


Apparently I am required to update this thing every few years.

Rest in Peace Jello/industrikitty. I miss you.

1984, 32 flavors, abstraction, accuracy, acting, ana elites, ana elitism, ana elitists, androgyny, ani difranco, anti-bush, anti-dogma, anti-organized religion, anti-wana, anti-wanarexia idiosa, anti-wanarexic, art, artgasm, barenaked ladies, being a beeyotch, being skinny as fuck, below 14th street, big fish, bill maher, btvs, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, cezanne, ch1kk3n nugg1tz d1et!11!, closer, colorism, communications, contact, creativity, cruel intentions, dance, david duchovny, dean koonst, debate, defying gravity, demetri martin, don pendleton, donnie darko, drawing, dsm iv, ed_ucate, ed_ucation, education, ellen degeneres, equilibrium, eye shadow, eyeliner, fantasy, fight club, garden state, gattaca, gillian anderson, gothika, humour, idina menzel, impressionism, informed theorizing, intellectual conversation, irony, jim gaffigan, jon stewart, k-pax, kitten killing, la vie boheme, left, lord of the rings, makeup artistry, minority report, monet, monsters inc., mulder, mulder and scully, mulder/scully, music, musicals, nelly furtado, new york, new york city, nyc, open mindedness, open minds, paint, painting, performing, philosophy, plumb, poetry, pro-diagnostic accuracy, pro-ed_ucation, pro-education, pro-knowledge, pro-reality, pro_ed_ucation, psychology, reading, rent, rentheads, rivendale, samara, sci fi, sci-fi, sci-fi addicts, science fiction, scully, secretary, sex and the city, shipper, singing, sketching, stars, stephen king, sushi, tattle tale, the beach, the butterfly effect, the city, the goo goo dolls, the matrix, the notebook, the x-files, theatre, vocal gymnastics, wasted, water, wicked, writing, x files, x-files, xfiles